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What thoughts troubled Nancy as she sat alone in the house ?

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It was one Sunday afternoon that Godfrey and Nancy entertained some guests in the Red House. When the guests had left. Godfrey also went out to the field near the stone quarry. He told Nancy that he would be back in an hour. Godfrey left and Nancy returned to the drawing room. She sat on a chair. She was alone with her thoughts. She should have been having happy thoughts. Her husband was kind, loving and generous to her. The family had become prosperous ever since she had entered the house. Everyone praised her role in making a man out of Godfrey. Her thoughts should have been happy. But she felt sad when she was alone. She knew the answer very well. It was because she and Godfrey had no children. The home was devoid of childlike laughter. Although Godfrey seldom talked about it, Nancy knew that he was sometimes deeply unhappy. She always tried her best to keep Godfrey happy. Even then he was sometimes very unhappy because he was childless.