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Describe the vilalge scene as the bridal procession walked from the church to Silas's cottage.

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Spring is the season for wedding in Raveloe. Eppie and Aaron were married one beautiful day in spring. It was a warm day. Eppie was wearing a light dress. The bridal dress was presented to her by Nancy Cass. The dress was pure white. Eppie accompanied by her husband, Aaron and father, Silas were walking from the church in the village. Dolly winthrop and her husband walked behind the bride and the bridegroom. The villagers stood at the gates of the cottages waiting to watch the procession pass. They shouted out greetings and Faces peered out of windows. Women waved their handkerchiefs. They said that Eppie looked lovely and as beautiful as a lily. Mr. Lammeter, Nancy and her sister stood on the steps of the Red House to see the procession. The villagers had been invited to attend the wedding feast at the Rainbow inn. Godfrey Cass had paid for the feast. Many villagers had gathered at the courtyard of the Rainbow inn. As the bridal procession approached the villagers cheered them loudly. But the procession did not stop at the Rainbow. They went to Silas's cottage to spend the hour quitely before attending the feast.