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Where did Silas live before he came to Raveloe ? How was his life there ?

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Before coming to Raveloe Silas lived in a large industrial. town named Lantern yard. There his life was full of activity and he had many friends. He belonged to a tiny religious sect. Once a week, they had prayer meetings. In those days he was a deeply pious man and a devoted person. He was highly regarded by his friends. He had a girl named Sarah as his fiancée at the time. They were members of the same religious group and they loved each other deeply. William Dane was close friend of Silas. He never suspected that William was interested in Sarah. Finally Sarah and William became more serious lovers. Betrayed by his friend and Sarah, Silas moved out of that town and settled at Raveloe. On the whole Silas was a happy man in Lantern yard except that he was betrayed by his friend, william Dane.