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Why did Godfrey decide to sell Wildfire ? What happened at the hunt ?

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The two sons of Squire Cass, the most significant individual in Raveloe, were Godfrey and Dunstan. Godfrey collected rent from Flower's, a teanant of his father and lent out the money to Dunstan. When Godfrey asked Dunstan to repay the money the later refused. Instead of repaying the money Dunstan threatened that he would disclose to their father the shameful secret of Godfrey. Godfrey was helpless for he had no money to deposit to his father. Dunstan then advised Godfrey to sell his horse and pay the money to his father. Godfrey agreed to sell his dear horse, Wildfire. Dunstan offered to sell the horse for his brother.

But before selling the horse Dunstan wanted to join the hunt. His aim was to show to the other huntsmen that he was a better rider. But he was never a good huntsman. He misjudged the distance. While jumping over a high fench the horse fell on to the fence. A spike pireced its belly and it died. Dunstan somehow escaped..