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English Grammar

SEBA HSLC English Grammar for Class 10 Assam Board Exam 2020 



SEBA HSLC English Grammar for Class 10 Assam Board Exam 2020 

1. Fill in the blanks with the right determiners:-

(a) A busy person has ——- time to waste: (little /a little / the little)


(b) The story is ——- interesting. (much /more /very)

(c) This is ——– room I work in. (a/an/the)

(d) Reading is —— useful hobby. (a / an / the)

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition from among the choices given in the brackets:-

(a) Shoes are made —— leather. (of/from /with)

(b) A greedy man hankers ——- money. (after /for /in)

(c) Man does not live ——- brad alone. (on /for / by)

(d) I met him —— the street. (in/at/on)

3. Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs given in the brackets in their correct tense form:-

(a) He —— the station before the train departed. (reach)

(b) We should never ——- a lie. (tell)

(c) The boy (sleep), don’t disturb him.

4. Change the narration of the following:-

(a) He said to me, “When did you buy this book?”

(b) Ravi thanked me for my help.

5. Change the voice of the following:-

(a) Some boys broke the window panes.

(b) By whom can this be done?

6. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a single’ sentence:-

(a) The businessman is a miser. He has donated generously today.

(b) This is my friend. He helped me a lot.

7. Choose the correct alternative from the bracket:-

(a) It is not proper to ——- through an open window. (see/ look)

(b) His handwriting is ——– (eligible / legible)

8. Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any two of the following:-

no sooner, on account of, send for,all in all.

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